It's Time For Celebration!

I am using this medium to dedicate my  Hummer H3 Jeep to my Cherished Subscribers, fans and Clients.

        To some of my fans who saw my update on facebook about my newly arrived H3 Jeep, it may be no news. But to those who are seeing this for the first time, this is the latest news from one of Nigeria's top Internet biz icon. It's all about my new baby. I just acquired this few days ago and i feel so elated about my new machine. This informed my decision to celebrate my H3 with my fans, subscribers and clients in a special way.

I had sleepless Night Thinking about the best way to celebrate my HUMMER Jeep with you.

      It first occurred to me that i should throw a party but i immediately debunk this idea on the premise that I have my subscribers scattered across all the 36 states of the federation. This is not to be.

      Just as I let go of this, immediately, something occurred to me and I felt so reluctant to give life to that thought because, the spirit of Nigerialism almost crept in. Why should i do this?

99.90% of Nigerian Information Marketers/ Online Money Makers wouldn't do this...

    The simple truth is this... for every successful Internet money maker, there is something that differentiate him/her from you. He/she isn't special in anyway. The difference lies in timely access to and use of good and quality information. If you must be as successful as i am, you definitely can be by having access to the exact materials that i had access to and implemented.

    Virtually all Nigerian Internet Money makers wouldn't be so nice to give you access to the exact informational materials that they personally had access to and used for their success. 

But, I am set to Revolutionize The bad Habit...

   Since i am devoted to helping as many Nigerians as possible in achieving financial independence via Internet Money making and employment, i have got no choice than to lay aside the selfish attitude of hiding Information materials which i personally used for my mental development and financial improvement. I am ready to spill the beans! 

      If you have been my fan, subscriber or Client for over a year, you would remember i did something like this when i acquired my first car from my internet biz. Yeah! One of the pictures i took and used for the offer back then is shown below.


     If you were one of those who benefited from the crazy thing i did back then, you haven't seen anything yet. This is going to be crazily crazy!

Here Is My Conclusion On How i Would Love To "Wash" MY Hummer Jeep For You.


        I have no choice than to do this...

  • if i were to give each and everyone of my subscriber a bottle of wine to celebrate my H3, if i were to throw a party and kill a cow,

  • if i were to organize a get-together and invite a DJ to entertain you all,

these can never commensurate with the singular thing i have been instinctually directed to do in "washing" my Car.

         Since i know that information is power, i have decided to do something really crazy for you. My Internet success is directly proportional to the implementation of the knowledge i acquired from some informational materials that i was privileged to have access to in the last couple of months and now,

I shall grant you access to my Library of Materials that i have consumed in the last 18 months...

          My decision is to grant you access to the various materials that i have had access to in the past 18 months and which has transformed my life from a common Internet money seeker to an established Internet money maker.

I need to emphasize these facts...

  •      Not up to 5% of Nigerian Internet Money makers will unveil their "power-house" just like i want to do.

  •      Knowing what to read which works often contribute 70% of the problem of a Newbie.

  •      Consuming valuable information and implementing them is key to Online money making success

  •     Knowing what worked for others can safe you valuable time and resources which could have otherwise been spent on trial and error.

I have collated over 30 different Materials, guides
and step-by-step Internet Money making Lectures
from Foreign Mentors that i have consumed in
the past 2 years and has been instrumental
to my rise to stardom as one of the top
Nigerian Internet Money Makers

        And i shall grant you access to these over 30 different materials for you personal study and implementation in order to help you achieve Financial Independence via the Internet just like i did.


In this pack, you will have access to superb materials:

Coming straight from my Library. These are what i spent over N200,000 to acquire and traded my great resources to have some from members of some of the membership sites i belong to.

NOTE: These aren't my personal products but products that i personally bought from foreign colleagues who are doing fine in their different fields.

        If you can afford to miss out on this SUPERB opportunity, that means you are not INTERESTED in learning how to make a living on the Internet just like i do. Having access to my collections of my "best of the best" materials/resources is the perfect privilege for you to tap from my brain without asking me a question or having a one-on-one discussion with me. You shall be tapping directly from the sources of my knowledge.


        All the selected materials/resources from my library are priceless and giving them out is so difficult a decision to make. I had thought i wouldn't ever give out my collection even for $1000 coz, it has taken me time and resources to collate all these resources together and trial and error to eventually extract the potent ones out of them. If not for my celebration of my H3,

I bet i might not have ever unveil this not to mention granting you access to it.

    When i calculated the money i spent to acquire these 30+ different materials, i arrived at over #200,000

       Since these cost me over #200,000 to acquire and these are so precious to me, i am not supposed to share this with anyone. But, since my H3's celebration has made me to commit myself to giving this out, i have no choice than to follow my heart.

           But, i still have my fears...

      My  number one fear is that, i wouldn't want anyone aside my esteemed subscribers, fans and Clients to have access to this. Most especially, fellow Internet money makers...

       My second fear is this, i wouldn't want anyone out of my subscribers to miss out on this superb offer. The only reason why anyone should miss out on this is if such person has the conviction that i do not practice what i preach.

      In as much as i practice what i preach and i am telling you that these resources have immensely contributed to my Internet money making success, please go all out for this.

How To Get Your Copy Of My 30 Best-Of-The-Best Master Library's Collections.

        And here is the superb one for you. You wouldn't ever get this again from me for eternity. I just made the obvious calculation that these 30 materials cost me over N200,000 to acquire.

But for the sake of the "washing" of my Car...

       I shall give you a whooping 97% discount on this cost. If you do the math rightly, you should arrive at #6,000. Yes! I bet this is the most insane thing i have ever done. And this is well justified... that's a discount of N 194,000.

      I  am literarily giving you N194,000. It's now left to you to grab this with your two hands.

The list includes:

  • Two ways to $100/day
  • Daily Deal Millionaires
  • 30KAdsenseBlueprint
  • $100k Affiliate
  • James_Allen_As a man thinketh
  • The_Millionaire_Fastlane_by_MJ_DeMarco
  • YouTube Takeover
  • Fiverr Cash Cyclone
  • Fiverr-Success
  • The Fiverr Handover
  • The Fiverr Key
  • and several other quality materials from my WEALTH LIBRARY.

Make payment of #6,000 only to have my precious collection of over 30 Internet money making guides i used and gained immensely from. They contributed big time to my...


How to make payment.

If you would love to get my H3 OFFER Downloaded Almost Immediately right now, You can use your ATM to make payment and download right away even if it's 12 mid-night.

Click on the "buy now" button below

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Alternatively, you can use the option below...

 STEP 1 - Make a direct bank deposit, Atm transfer,online or mobile transfer of Just N6,000 only to the account details are:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Silverplatter Solutions
Account Number:


Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account Name: Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number:


Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Account Name:
Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number: 3029054434

STEP 2 -

After payment, send payment details ("H3", depositors' name, amount paid and email address) to

The materials would be delivered straight away into you email address as soon as payment is confirmed.


WARNING: I will make this available for few days only!

 this page will disappear forever anytime soon. Go place your order today. It's a once in a life time opportunity stealing my wealth LIBRARY for just N6000.

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