My Special Birthday Offer

You can't afford to miss out on this...

From the desk of;

Gbolagade Adetunji
Silverplatter Solutions
Ibadan, Oyo State.


      It's my birthday and it's my pleasure to celebrate it with you; being one of my cherished and respected Subscribers. You are the reason why i remain one of the most reputable Internet marketers in Nigeria. How? You have the faith and trust in what i do and you believe that with my wealth of internet money making knowledge, you can ride with me and like my other mentees, start generating extra income online just like i do.

     I want to use my birthday period to shower you with a special offer you wouldn't ever want to miss for any reason if truly you are keen on becoming financially independent via Internet based businesses.

My Birthday Gift.

I got this for my birthday...

Who gave it to me? Maybe one of my subscribers who now earn big income from the internet. Lol. Not really. It's the god of www, the god of internet actually dashed me that as my birthday gift. Most of my friends have started seeing me as a car freak after acquiring and using 4 different cars (3 jeeps and a car) within the last 3 years.

It's true i Served (NYSC) in 2009 after graduating from the University of Ibadan in 2008. Still baffles me... What paid employment could i have been into in the last 3 years that could have blessed me this much like the god of Internet business...


This isn't showing off like some shallow minded individuals might think. It's merely a "call to action" article to ginger you to look into the direction of internet business. It could be your way too!

 My Birthday Gift For You

Relax! this time around, i will throw a party for all my subscribers! But wait ooo. I just checked my subscribers list and here is what i saw.

That's a whooping 356k people on one of my subscribers' database. I have 4 different database and i can rightly tell you that i have over 400k loyal subscribers.

I am afraid no event center will accommodate all my subscribers. Not even the main bowl of our Abuja's National Stadium. Shit!


The idea of throwing a birthday party for all my loyal subscribers wouldn't be feasible. And what i resolved to is what will benefit you than the rice, chicken and drinks i would have given if i throw a party.

My special Birthday offer to just 100 of my subscribers

My conclusion is to make available to you, some of the great resources i kept secretly in my wealth Library and which have been instrumental to my success in the internet business world over the last few months.

You wouldn't believe that some of these resources are even from my colleague, Afo! This young guy is a witch in Internet business. I have never shared these resources ever in any of my offers or sales of products.

You do not have them yet.

And now, you can use the opportunity to grab them right away

Mind you, i am giving access to just the first 100people among my over 400,000 subscribers.  You know what that means?

It's ratio 1:4000

You are competing with 399,999 other people to get access.

It means you have to act fast!

Why just 100 people?

Meant for 100 people because these are expensive money making reports used and worked for me,

 Most Hidden secret used by me are mentioned in these reports.  some  Internet marketers are also part of my subscribers, I wouldn't like the situation when the whole stuff would go saturated.

In addition, the more scare a commodity is, the more valuable it becomes. So, limited access means the lucky few will benefit and if they use well, earn good income via the knowledge passed.

and here are the reports.

               Smart Fiverr Profits

Make over $50 per hour with Fiverr.
This method is completely white hat and doesn’t require any expensive software.

Worth N7,000

This is a Fiverr guide from a foreign colleague which i recently acquired and personally used to generate extra income from fiverr. With this, you can jump to extra $200+ monthly from fiverr.


 Teespring Warrior

Simple product that has generated $105,836 from tee spring in less than 3 months.
I show you exactly how to select the right niche every single time, and it is much more simple than you may think.

Worth N9,500

Many Nigerians don't even know what teespring is yet. With this guide from one of my foreign internet biz guys, you will learn about teespring and if you start early, you will be among the first set of Nigerians to cash in huge $$$


Fiverr Bundle

This bundle includes the 100 Gigs e-book to ensure you have more than enough ideas for Gigs to start selling right now.

Worth N7,500

One of the top sellers on fiverr created this report and gives how he earn $4000 a month from fiverr. Reading stuffs like this is what made me Prof. Fiverr. Timely access to quality information. You will love this.


And these are the ones from my Colleague, Afo in his own words...

Social Media Short Report Marketing

The First secret ever Uncovered by me in 2014 that shows the step by step Method of running a successful Short report Marketing Via Social Media.

It aslo Gives the deep details of my secret about this business that the top Gurus across Nigeria are looking for uptil today .

worth N10,500

With My social media Marketing, I've gotten High Paid social media marketing contracts from Big companies, Like Push cv Limited, CHI Limited and co. all without writing a single business proposal


Loan Blue Print

How I Found out The simple secret To Get a Loan worth N300,000 From a Nigeria Financial institution to Start any small scale business In Nigeria Without Collateral

worth N7,500

This Report was one of the hottest reports sold in 2013 and 2014, Later on I discovered top Internet marketers started using it for their own benefit. this is to tell you How My over 7 days research on getting Loan without collateral has helped a lot


My Facebook cash Secret

How I used My Facebook Account to Earn more Than $10,000 equivalent to N1.8 million Last Year.

worth N3,500

The Hottest, Most sold out offer, written and produced Late Last year.

So, as you can see above, those are some of the top information products i personally consumed and kept in the "classified" section of my wealth library.

If you still remember basic mathematics, you will understand that the packages are worth over N40,000.

But Since it's my Birthday,

Instead of giving it out all at the price of N45,500

I will be generous enough ,  telling You I appreciate you and the 99 people for being a loyal fans and subscribers.

to get all the money making packages and Life changing reports at the price of

N5,997 only

Yes with only N5,997 You'll have access to download and make use of the 6 money making reports if you're among the first 100 people out of over 300,000.   in the next few minutes


Here's How To  Download Your Copy.

It's important to let you know that this offer will not be available forever.
If the 100 people pay and have access before the end of today, don't be surprised when you visit this page back, you will see "offer closed" boldly plastered on the surface of the page.

If you are serious about learning from a reputable and true internet money maker of Gbolagade Adetunji's Calibre, you just have to rush to the bank and make payment of just N5,997 only before the 100 slots are taken.

Pay to...


Option #1 - Bank Deposit/Online or Mobile Transfer or ATM Transfer

...and You Can Order Now and Get It Before almost instantly!

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit, an online or mobile money transfer  or Atm Transfer of N5,997 only into:

Bank: Diamond Bank
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STEP 2 - After payments, send an EMAIL payment notice (not text message pls) with the SUBJECT of your email as: 'special birthday offer'

The BODY of the email should contain the following:

Amount paid, bank paid to, Depositor's Name, Date paid, Your Full Names, Email, GSM number, Teller number or leave teller no if you paid online to: 

(Don't worry, once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive your packages in your email within 2 hours)

Option #2 - Secured Interswitch ATM Payment.

Order With Your ATM Card and Instantly Be Redirected To The Download Area!

No Waiting At All...Even if it's 12 mid night on sunday

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kindly click on the green button above to make payment and download instantly!


Once again be informed that you are competing with 399,999 other people to have access to my birthday offer package.

Now you understand why it will be a wise decision to quickly go make your payment and be rest assured of securing your slot in my special birthday offer. Success is ours. I love you.

Yours sincerely,

Gbolagade Adetunji
Silverplatter Solutions

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